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The mission of Encontro is to be a contemporary Christian community that cares about people and provides meaningful relationship with Jesus and other people.

All our financial resources come from voluntary contributions, donated by people and communities who believe in our mission and support our work. Most of them come from:
1. Community members who regularly contribute;
2. Persons attending the Community;
3. Partner communities in Brazil and abroad that, for a certain period of time, sponsor our work.

People contribute because they have embraced the mission of the community, understanding themselves as part of it. They recognize that all they have and are is a gift from God. In a gesture of gratitude and love, they decide to contribute financially so that other people can also experience God’s love through the community.

All our financial resources are managed by a volunteer team chosen by the Community Assembly. This team manages the accounts carefully and transparently, under the technical backing of an Accounting Office and submitted to a Fiscal Council.

Infrastructure and Rent
Human Resources
Babies, Kids, U15, Social Actions, Communication & Media, Music & Arts.
Mission and Formation

Of course! Your input will be very welcome. But remember: It is important that you do it in a willing spirit, with joy, generosity, and thanks to God. After all, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9: 7).

If you would like to participate financially in God’s mission through Encontro, we suggest that you do so via bank deposit (identified or not) using the Community Encontro bank accounts listed at the end of this page.

Distribution of Investments

Our community receives approximately 400 people every Sunday, which is 1600 visits per month and distributes its resources as follows:

Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil)

› CNPJ 29.457.528/0001-76
› Branch: 5255-8
› Current Account: 14.200-X

Bank Bradesco

› CNPJ 29.457.528/0001-76
› Branch: 2186-5
› Current Account: 042.519-2

For more details, please contact us. We will be happy to answer to your questions!
financeiro@encontro.org / +55 48 98818-5749

Comunidade Encontro – Rua Maria Bernardina Vaz Borges – Campinas – São José SC – CEP 88102-400 – Tel.: +55 (48) 99854-5630