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Find out where our meetings happen:

Who are we ?

We are a Christian community formed after a calling from God to care about people and make a difference in society.

Can I be part of it ?

Absolutely! You are very welcome! Our doors are fully open. You, your family, and friends are invited to attend our Sunday Meetings, our Small Groups, and all the community-organized schedules. You can enjoy all the things God is doing. But, you can go further.

Go further? What do you mean?

Community Encontro is built by many hands. More than 100 people act voluntarily, with great joy and willingness to make things happen in the community. They do so because they realize that as we become concretely involved in a Christian community, we effectively become part of it. And also because they found out how great it is to serve God and people in community.

How can I get involved?

We can help you find your place. If you wish to serve this community somehow, we may offer you different departments to do so. See below:
Social work, arts and music, babies, decorations, financial contribution, technical staff (assembly and disassembly of equipments),
events, prayer, youth group, kids, media and communication (design, editing, photography, etc.) and sub 15.

If you voluntarily wish to engage in one or more of the areas listed above, select the area, complete and submit this form. One of our pastors or leaders will contact you shortly.

Comunidade Encontro – Rua Maria Bernardina Vaz Borges – Campinas – São José SC – CEP 88102-400 – Tel.: +55 (48) 99854-5630